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Translational ophthalmology is a latest trend that bridges the gap by achieving breakthrough discoveries to patients quicker than ever. Translational analysis is a new initiative of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that aims to translate basic analysis into a lot of advanced form to yield the higher results. The research trend discoveries maximize the opportunities to analyse the problems terribly circumstantially to decrease the risk of failure particularly during surgery like cataract and refractive surgery. Many fruitful facts are discovered that indirectly helps in treating the individual conditions like Age-Related Disease Study (AREDS) established that biological process supplements (nutrition and ophthalmology) might minimize the risk of AMD. There are many types of eye surgeries, some are given below:

1. Corneal Transplantation Keratoplasty

2. Keratomileusis

3. Conductive

4. Strabismus surgery

5. Vitrectomy

6. Cataract Surgery

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